We work with you to assess the desired customer experience, efficiency and other goals, now and over time. We then run an as is/to be analysis of what that means for process design and where exactly automation can contribute. If appropriate, we will agree with you any modifications to goals or target timings, to ensure aspiration is matched by viability. We will consider factors such as also governance, compliance, risk and resource requirements.
We then construct a clear automation strategy, attendant business case and recommendations for the ‘right’ AI and robotics tools including possible ROI. Once agreed, we will design a detailed target operating model, technical blueprint and implementation plan, including timings and resource requirements. We pay particular attention to the wider change management planning (including training), as digitisation usually entails fundamentally different workflows, focus and practices.
Our preference is to work with your team on both planning and implementation, as this enshrines learning, secures buy-in and facilitates transition to BAU. However, if appropriate, we can develop the plans and manage the programme within LatentBridge. Either way, we will leverage our extensive digitisation programme management experience and repository of pre-built components and development modules. We will ensure full transparency and compliance at every step. We aim to handover to BAU on a gradient that reflects your realities rather than a ‘big bang’.
Once implemented, we support our clients in the maintenance of automated processes, ongoing integration, upgrades etc. With LatentBridge’s complete IT helpdesk management service, clients are able to leverage our infrastructure and applications management and realise Bot-as-a-Service. Our team will also support you in identifying changes to service delivery and processes should business needs change e.g. regulatory changes, M&A activity.
Our training framework and manual is provided as a matter of course, but we can also take care of continued communication and any retraining as required.