Sourcing financial data for a dispute resolution firm

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Delivering valuation computations at speed to support dispute proceedings, through sourcing of comparable financials. ALBAI™ based automation solution reduced TAT through rapid sourcing of data at minimal upfront cost, and at PAYG charges.


increased productivity


improvement in TAT



Client Testimonial

“Delivering valuation computations at speed is integral to supporting either dispute proceedings or corporate transactions. This requires the ability to rapidly search comparable company financials and M&A activity, to be fed into our financial models. We were struggling with extracting relevant data at speed. LatentBridge’s intelligent automation solution enabled an 80% reduction in expensive analyst time, allowing staff to focus instead on developing key conclusions. Their Pay as you Go model is very attractive and we can now leverage this tool on their cloud platform whenever we need it, by quickly defining our requirements and running the automation overnight for our professionals, thereby adding significant efficiency at minimal cost. ”
Paul Rathbone and Ed Osterwald, Osterwald Rathbone & Partners

Enhanced customer experience for a PE fund portfolio mortgage firm

Enabling revenue growth through product targeting and faster response leading to enhanced customer experience. ALBAI based cognitive automation solution delivers real time customer segmentation and rapid TAT by leveraging RPA


increased NPS in 2 Quarters


reduction in turn around time


growth in quarterly revenue


straight through processing

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Unstructured document data extraction for a Remediation Firm

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Enabling regulatory reporting for remediating past breaches, through extracting unstructured data from contracts and KYC forms. ALBAI™ based automation solution has enabled rapid data extraction at minimal upfront cost, in a secure environment and at PAYG charges.


increased productivity


increase in sample size


improved operational efficiency


accuracy of data extraction

Swifter loan processing and targeted loan offerings for a mid-sized lender in UK

Automating the loan account generation and channel marketing through process simplification and customer segmentation. ALBAI based automation solutions were leveraged to speed up the process and provide clear communication to the customers. In addition, credit worthiness assessment process and credit decisioning process was automated, significantly improving employee efficiency and reducing response time.


Reduction In Processing Time


Increase In Employee Efficiency


Reduction In Average Response Time


Reduction In Cost

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Robo Investment Advisor for a Tier 1 European Bank

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Providing relevant, fast and any time advice to help mass-market savings account customers invest in funds for better returns through robot advisors. ALBAI based automation solutions were leveraged to assess risk and investment levels, suggesting the most appropriate investment for the customer.


Reduction In Cost of Providing Advice


Digitisation of Financial Advice Process


Reduction In Time Needed to Make an Investment

Faster credit decisioning for a Global Lender

Automating the credit decisioning process faster and more accurately by optimising available systems and predetermined rules, has delivered immediate, accurate decisions which helped in driving revenue and improved customer decision. ALBAI™ based automation solution leveraged existing re-usable components to deliver a rapid automation, at minimal upfront cost, and at PAYG charges.


Process efficiency improved


faster credit decisions



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