The continuing importance of Automation

Graham Lloyd | 04 March 2019

BDO’s recent survey makes abundantly clear just how important automation continues to be to mid-caps’ success - perhaps even survival. >70% attribute noteworthy improvements to revenue and profitability to automation; unsurprisingly, they plan to invest further in the next 12 mos. But in our extensive experience, many will be disappointed and perhaps conclude that it’s somehow too hard for their firm or sector. This is too bad because the reality is that they could do even better than they dare hope.

The causes of automation disappointment in mid-caps often come down to the same things:

  • The one-size-fits-all products actually don’t, or are too big/expensive
  • The guidance necessary to design/roll-out the appropriate automation model is hard to acquire because bigger clients have already snapped up much of the specialist expertise
  • DIY attempts flounder on the limitations of the in-house knowledge and its inability to stay abreast of new technology over time.
As a result, many firms get only a % of their hoped-for benefits - not exactly a failure, but certainly a disappointment.

Happily, expertise is now available which at once understands the specific needs and challenges of mid-caps and how to structure and implement smart automation to meet them (including time and cost affordability). It is even possible to run the relevant processes on a managed service basis or, as some of our clients call it “a pain-free basis”.

Later this week, we’ll show how it can all be brought together to deliver outstanding automation success