Cutting the Unacceptable Costs of Automation

Deepak Swaroop | 19 March 2019

Most firms have some kind of efficiency goals. A lot of these relate to costs, especially operational costs. But many of the firms to whom we talk miss a big and easy opportunity. And of those that see it, a good percentage grasp only part of it. This is no longer excusable.

Historically, firms would ‘own’ their infrastructure. The Cloud continues to change that but, perhaps for revenue reasons, perhaps for desperation to fit with existing structures, many RPA/AI vendors offer only OOTB solutions. This no longer makes any sense. Today it is possible to acquire outstanding intelligent automation not just on Cloud (thereby avoiding the capital outlay) but, since the start of 2019, on a PAYG basis as well, thus seriously denting operational costs.

Aside from the immediate monetary impact, these options bring two other benefits. A hard one, in terms of reduced operational risk and its associated capital provision, and a soft one, in terms of the newly liberated mindset: Once a firm has profited by revisiting its approach to automation, then sooner or later it will seek to do the same for its existing processes and the wider IT that supports them.

It may well be that the soft benefit ultimately proves the most valuable.