LatentBridge enhances Process Discovery and Automation Planning with Navigo

  • LatentBridge
  • Monday, October 10, 2022, 1 min read

LatentBridge, a global intelligent automation firm, announced the addition of three compelling features to its process discovery tool that enable easier enterprise-wide adoption of automation. In addition to helping firms assess and prioritise their automation opportunities, these new features help businesses accelerate the building of a curated automation pipeline and deliver on automation goals.  

Navigo now enables clients to: 

Recent research by Deloitte suggests that a key reason for automation failing to deliver the expected results is that automation is adopted in silos. With processes fragmented across functions and departments, a holistic and detailed understanding of a process is critical for successful automation. 

 "With Navigo, customers can now map their processes end-to-end, visualise them in granular detail, and get realistic estimations on resources and capacity for efficient project planning." LatentBridge's CTO, Venkat Ramasamy, explained. 

With these new features, Navigo delivers a comprehensive process discovery and automation planning tool that is accessible to everyone in the enterprise. Built with a view to helping customers imbue an automation ethos within the organisation and engage employees at all levels, this product offers a collaborative workplace for shared assessments and benchmarking against industry standards and best practices. 



LatentBridge is a global intelligent automation firm with a market-leading pay-as-you-go SaaS platform and proprietary automation accelerators that can optimise and scale your digital programs. 

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