Process Assessment Tool (PAT)

Start right on your automation journey

Business Impact

  • scale up in your automation program

  • business value and ROI on processes

Key Features

Process Assessment by Industry

Access dozens of standard assessments to gauge industry suitability for Automation.

Assess Key Drivers for Automation

Understand the projected ROI, productivity gain, and cost optimisation for an objective decision making.

Automation Cost Configuration

Get a view into the future about how automation costs can change over your transformation with clear projections of costs and benefits.

Customised process assessment

Provides a view of how your unique processes and systems can be automated for your specific needs.

Industry Benchmarking

Arrive at your process performance vis-a-vis competitors

BOT configuration

Quickly estimate the number of bots required based on volumes and SLAs.

Powered by a proprietary algorithm that factors in parameters such as complexity, industry verticals, data inputs and types of systems, the Process Assessment Tool provides you with actionable information on ROI, cost, time, and efficiency estimates setting you up for a successful automation program.