Capital Markets - Surveillance Watch list Management

Stronger regulatory compliance and transparent operations to manage reputational, operational and financial risks

Key Features

  • Digital future: Optimising automation, surveillance, reporting and stakeholder engagement.
  • Connect to CRM & other deal management systems to collate the update the deals list with our Deal checker.
  • Extract watchlist data from multiple internal and external systems including deal sources and websites with our watchlist generator.
  • Run automated checklists defined by compliance team and update outcomes to a deal compliance report with the compliance checker.
  • Generate required watchlist surveillance reports and automatically email stakeholders.


  • 80%

    reduction in operational efforts in managing surveillance watchlists

  • 90%

    reduction in judgment errors and reworking the watchlist profiles

  • 2X

    increase in capacity to manage spike in deal volumes

Capital Markets – IBOR Transition

Frictionless and error-free IBOR transition to meet regulatory deadlines

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