Retail and Corporate Banking – Automated Loan Processing

Faster start-to-finish loan processing automation with full integration to banking APIs

Key Features

  • Timely customer communications with integration to emailing systems and automated emailing.
  • Fully integrated with multiple customer channels through front-end or API methods to gather loan requests.
  • KYC and AML verification using firm-data or 3rd party services as required.
  • Expedited Underwriting validation by running the loan affordability against bank’s loan books for exposure & credit systems.
  • Automated Loan Operations including loan request approval or rejection, updates to loan systems.
  • Dashboard Reporting to have single point-of-view on the progress of various loan applications.


  • 80%

    reduction in operational efforts

  • 200%

    productivity increase

  • 90%

    error reduction

  • 95%

    increase in loan-decisioning accuracy on credit checks and affordability