Retail - Invoice Automation

Accurate and efficient invoice processing to support business strategy

Key Features

  • Revenue Optimisation by employing IA tools to identify opportunities, revenue leakage and inconsistencies.
  • Text classifier and extractor uses OpenCV or Tesseract to pull up relevant data from both digital and manual invoices.
  • Channel integration to access incoming invoices from emails, sharepoint or shared systems.
  • Customisable transactional framework to process and extract data invoices, store relevant information in queues and update downstream ERP systems.
  • Automated exception handling with an option to assign complex scenarios for human supervision and resolution.
  • Data insights and automated reporting for business and technical teams.


  • 80%

    reduction in human effort which decreases as the system learns with Human-in-the-loop interactions

  • 90%

    reduction in errors made during manual data entry

  • 5X%

    increase in invoice processing efficiency

  • scalability for periods of high demand enabling quicker turn around time