Chart your automation journey

Whether you’ve just begun your automation journey or find yourself asking what’s next: Get answers to your most pressing automation questions with navigo so you can
Automate with confidence.

  • Is this process right for automation?
  • What are my productivity gains?
  • What is my return on investment?
  • How much time and effort will I save?

Navigo is a rapid process discovery tool that enables transformation planning and accelerates build-out of your automation pipeline to meet enterprise automation goals.

Key Features


Automation ideas and engage your entire workforce to collaborate towards organisational automation goals.


The viability and automate the process in parallel to industry standards while engaging all relevant business functions through shared assessments.


The entire automation process in tremendous detail and assign responsibilities to everyone at every single step of the process with great clarity and depth.


And generate a business case, establish a range of key metrics that affect automation processes, and make realistic predictions.


Reports in exceptional visual detail to deduce an automation’s true TCO, allowing accurate ROI predictions, which enable making well-informed decisions on automation.

Business Impact

  • 3x faster end to end process discovery through a guided process

  • 70% reduction in cost of assessments, feasibility analysis, and PoCs

  • rapidly engage the organisation in automation

  • easy to use, non-intrusive, and comprehensive